• I have water damage, what should I do?

    If you can, shut off the phone and remove the battery. Do not put the
    phone in rice as this could damage it further. Do not use the phone or
    power it on. At iRepair Muskoka we have extensive experience with water damaged phones, bring the device to us and we will assess the damage and determine if it can be repaired.

  • My screen is broken, can you fix it?

    Yes. We have a nearly 100% success rate repairing broken screens on any model of phone. Give us a call or bring it in and we can give you a quote on what it would cost to repair your screen.

  • My Phone/Tablet wont charge, is that fixable?

    Very likely. Many times charging issues are simply caused by a dirty
    charging port. Bring the device by and we will clean it for you at no charge. If that does not resolve the issue we can track the problem down and
    repair it.

  • Can you unlock my phone from my old carrier?

    Yes, but so can you. As of December of 2017 the law requires that all cell
    carriers in Canada must unlock phones upon request. Most of the time you don't even need to have an account with them. Call whichever network the phone is locked to and request an unlock. If that is unsuccessful or you just don't want to bother, bring the phone by and we will do it for you for a flat rate of $25.

The Proof is in the Pictures

At iRepair Muskoka we've seen just about anything you could imagine. Your phone or tablet may be badly damaged but as long as the motherboard is intact we can almost certainly fix it.

Shattered iPad

Hammer to an iPhone